Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Enabling Blogspot Archiving Function Wasn't A SEO Bad Things Anymore

You may find lots of advice about the importance of turning off the function of archives in your own blogspot.

The main reason of this advice is about duplicate content. They say that duplicate content is very hated by the Google indexing engine. I want to disprove their claims.

Often I do a copy-paste the url into google search engine. I do this so that my new post identified and indexed faster by Google.

Typically, in 2 attempts of url search, the results can appear in a google search.

But once I turn the archiving , this tricks returned no results in google search engine.

Google Search Return No Result

And when I turned it back on again, google search engine instantly found it.

So, how do you think ?, will you follow the advice most of the people, by turning off the function of archives, or you'll going to do an experiment as I did, in order to prove that my words are true ?.

Don't be panic. There is actually a peaceful solution to this problem. Because it is impossible Blogspot would violate the rules of its own creator, google.

Now, I will asks you a question. Have you ever heard about the following tags ?

link rel = 'canonical'

If not, you can read an explanation of these tags here:

Briefly, the function of this tag is to explain that the url that included in the tag is the preferred version to be indexed by google search engine.

So, how do we put the code tag in our blogspot page, so that each of the main url will have these tags automatically ?.

Follow these steps:

Go to Edit HTML in your Blogspot Dashboard

look for the code tag <html>

place the following code after the tag <html>, so it will look like:

<link expr:href='data:blog.url' rel='canonical'/>
Save your work, reloads, and prove it by viewing the page source of your post. It should now contains:
<link href=''  

Well, with this tag code, you can turn back the archive function of your posts, to be indexed faster by search engines google, and simultaneously avoiding the duplicate content.

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  1. What a great information you have mentioned here. It is the thing that i was looking for.

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  2. Canonical can be the solution of duplicate contents. It doesn't mean that you can use some others content by defining it as canonical.If you have a content of your own and you want to place them in some different site, you can use the canonical.For this you need to mention the urls in the header of the page.Otherwise Google will penalize you for content duplicacy.
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  3. maybe it's not all about a different site or domain. because people are always talking about posting archives which they fear could harm their original post. maybe it's just the nature of human paranoia.

    however, I think, there's nothing wrong with preventive measures that we might do.

    thanks for visiting.